About Us

LollyCall was founded in 2018 by Lis Baccigaluppi and Mary Delamater, who have owned TechKnowSolve, a custom software development company, since 2003.

LollyCall began as a solution to a difficult problem. Mary's 85 year old mother, Lolly*, who lived alone, had fallen twice in her condo, and was unable to get up. She had a medic alert necklace but was often reluctant to wear it. The second time she fell, she was unable to reach a phone and did not get help until many hours later when Meals on Wheels notified Mary that her mother had not answered the door.

Mary's Mom didn't want to lose her independence, but Mary felt that she had to check on her mother at least three times a day. That's when she came up with LollyCall. Mary's Mom now receives a LollyCall three times a day and Mary has the peace of mind of knowing that her mother is okay.

Lis Lis has a B.S. with honors from Lewis and Clark College and an M.F.A in fiction writing from the University of Arizona. Prior to starting TechKnowSolve in 2003, she worked as an administrative assistant in a kidney transplant program, a college English teacher, a computer trainer, and, for the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, as a computer programmer.

Mary and her Mom Mary graduated magna cum laude with a B.S. from Lewis-Clark College in Lewiston, Idaho. She began her professional career in the field of mental health, working as a counselor in treatment facilities in Idaho and Oregon. Later, Mary moved to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, where she worked as a Veterans Service Representative and as a trainer. Mary is also the author or co-author of five books about computer programming for Murach Publishing.

* Mary's mom is not actually named Lolly, but we really like the name Lolly.